When remodeling your bathroom, the type of shower you choose can make a huge impact on how you use the space. Shower type also dictates how much room there is in the bathroom for other items and elements. Plus, different types of showers have different looks. So, which kind of shower should you choose for your bathroom? Aside from the ever-popular, all-in-one tub and shower surround, here are three other types to consider.

Walk-In, Open Shower

A walk-in, open shower is a shower that does not have that typical curb that you have to step over in order to enter the shower. The floor is simply sloped towards a drain, which prevents the water from flowing all over the bathroom floor. There may or may not be a glass or tiled wall on one side of the shower, but there is no proper door. Usually, these showers are made to be quite decorative, with tile on the walls, floor, and ceiling. A walk-in, open shower may be a good choice if you have limited mobility that makes it hard for you to step into a shower. It's also a good choice if you're trying to create a bathroom with a modern, clean aesthetic.

Corner Standing Shower

If you have limited space in a small bathroom, a standing shower in the corner can be a good option. You can often buy these as one-piece, partially assembled inserts. The shower head itself will be placed close to the corner, and there will be a curved wall that forms a barrier between the corner shower and the rest of the bathroom. Corner showers are really space-efficient, but they do tend to be on the smaller size, so they're not a great choice for larger people or those who tend to feel claustrophobic in the shower.

Rain Shower

A rain shower is one in which the shower head is mounted on the ceiling, rather than the wall. The water comes out from overhead like a rainstorm. Usually, this type of shower is surrounded by glass walls. They may be on one side or on two sides, depending on whether the shower is in the corner or along a wall in a smaller bathroom. Rain showers can make for a very relaxing, rejuvenating experience, and they also look quite modern.

Which of these showers sounds most appealing to you? Discuss it with a professional to plan a bathroom remodel.