Anyone who chooses to build a custom home has the unique opportunity to create the living space of their dreams. A custom home is one that is like no other home on the block. One of the things that you can do to truly customize your build is to incorporate some surprising features into the design.

Here are three unique architectural features to consider for your custom home.

1. Secret Room

A secret room can lend whimsy and intrigue to your living space. Your secret room can be accessed through a swinging bookcase, false wall, or another design element that blends into the structure of the home.

Only a person who knows where the secret room is located will be able to access this part of your home.

Some of the rooms that you could hide within your custom home's design include a home office, a theater room, or a reading nook. Each of these spaces functions best when the people occupying them are not disturbed on a regular basis.

Your builder will be able to help you identify an existing room in your home's blueprint that could easily be transformed into a secret room.

2. Built-In Features

Many custom homes have built-in shelving to help maximize space. While adding built-in shelving can be beneficial, you don't have to limit yourself to shelves alone.

Experiment with built-in desks, tables, or seating to help make your custom living space more functional.

Built-in features help maximize the amount of usable square footage in your home by taking advantage of the empty space between wall studs. Increasing your usable square footage allows you to diversify your custom home.

3. Heated Floors

Hardwood and tile flooring are very popular in modern homes. While these flooring materials look great, they can become cool to the touch when temperatures drop.

Stepping onto a cold floor when you get out of bed or hop out of the shower can be jarring. Consider incorporating heated floors into your home design to ensure maximum comfort at all times.

Heated floors can help you reduce your heating costs by maintaining a more even temperature throughout your living space. You will even be able to muffle the sound of footsteps when you install heated floors in your custom home.

The primary motivation behind building a custom home is to create the perfect living space. Adding unique architectural features to your custom home's design will help you elevate your lifestyle. For more information on custom homes, contact a professional near you.