If you bought your home as a starter home, but you really love it, then you may not want to move as your family grows. Instead, you can build additional space inside the home, so you can transform it into a larger one that better fits the space requirements of your family in its current size. You can learn more about adding space to your home during a remodel in this article. 

You can likely add on to your home, even with a small yard

Some people don't think that adding on to their home is an option if they have a small yard. However, adding on to the home can still be done in most situations by adding a second level to the home. When you build up, you won't need to use any space on the ground. By adding another floor, you can nearly double the square footage of the home. This means creating additional bedrooms and another bathroom that you may need to make your family more comfortable. 

You can add amenities you've always wanted

When you are having your home remodeled, you can also take advantage of the work being done to make additional improvements you've always wanted to do. By including those improvements in the job, you can likely save a good deal of money on labor and supplies. This can especially be true if some of the materials already being used in the building of the additional areas are also materials you would want to use when making the improvements. For example, if you've always wanted tile flooring and the additional areas will be tiled, then having the remodeling contractor buy more to do the rest of the home can allow you to get the rest of the flooring done for a better price.

You can create additional spaces that meet your exact needs

If you were to move to a larger house, then you likely wouldn't find exactly what you want and would have to compromise on some things. However, if you have a remodeling contractor build additions, then they will build them just how you want. This means you can get all the features you want while also getting to continue living in the house that's come to be home for you and your family. If this sounds good to you, then you should get started on talking to a remodeling contractor about your wants and needs.

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