Most people are switching to solar energy due to its affordability. Besides, solar energy is clean and renewable. So, if you wish to adopt solar power, you should check out the new solar roof shingles. With solar shingles, you no longer need solar panels on your roof. These shingles are much better, and they offer the following benefits.

They Look Awesome

There is no denying that mounting solar panels on your roof can interfere with the aesthetics. And since the panels don't cover the entire roof, you'll definitely have some ugly spots. Luckily, things are much better with solar roof shingles. These shingles look sleek and classy. So, installing them on your roof will give your home a fabulous look.

Low Maintenance

Solar roof shingles are an excellent investment, considering they don't require high maintenance. These shingles can last for years without having to repair them. Besides, you don't have to keep cleaning them unless your area hasn't had rain for months or years. And even then, you can rinse them with a hose pipe or pressure washer.

They Are Quite Durable

Durability is also a nice perk associated with solar roofing shingles. So, if you want to construct a durable roof, consider using solar shingles as your roofing material. These solar shingles have a long lifespan of more than two decades. So, if you take good care of solar shingles, expect them to last past 20 years or more.

Wind Resistance

When you install solar roof shingles, you'll never have to worry about wind damage. So many people fear installing solar panels due to the possibility of wind blowing them off. Luckily, with solar roofing shingles, it's pretty hard for the winds to blow them off. These shingles will remain sturdy even when strong winds blow. 

Impact and Fire Resistance

Impact and fire can be a threat to most roofs. Amazingly, hail and debris falling on your roof will no longer be a threat once you install the solar shingles. These shingles have an impressive impact resistance than most roofing materials. At least the strong glass on these solar shingles does the trick. 

Also, solar roof shingles don't disappoint when it comes to fire resistance. These shingles can't catch wildfire easily. At least you'll never have to deal with roof fires.

Other benefits of investing in solar roofing shingles include the following:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Eco-friendly
  • You can monitor the roof with your phone
  • You can use them on commercial and residential roofs
  • Incredible UV resistance

To learn more, contact a roofing service in your area.