A kitchen remodeling project is a significant investment whose outcome serves you for years. But you could make costly errors if you don't know what to do. So, read on to understand three crucial steps to follow and mistakes to avoid as you plan and execute your kitchen remodeling project.

Dos of Kitchen Remodeling

Here are three factors that enhance the success of your kitchen remodeling outcome.

1. Prioritize the 'Triangle'

The triangle is the three-point connection between your sink, stove, and refrigerator. Since the three are essential areas, balance the design in your kitchen remodeling plan. You get a fully functional layout once you follow the kitchen work triangle rule.

2. Think in 3-D

Kitchen remodeling should not only make your kitchen beautiful but also functional. Therefore, consider the size and direction of doors, cabinets, and appliances as you plan your space. For example, leave enough room for your fridge, ovens, and other devices that need wide clearance to open well. That way, you ensure you don't end up with a cramped kitchen whenever you open your appliances' doors.

3. Have a Reasonable Budget

Don't begin your kitchen remodeling project before you get a clear budget. Even if you have enough funds, know what you expect from the kitchen remodeling project so you don't overspend. For example, you could prepare an inventory list that accounts for furniture and materials. Also, plan for practical items that don't wear out quickly.

Don'ts of Kitchen Remodeling

Below are three kitchen remodeling mistakes you should avoid.

1. Don't Build Cabinets Before You Buy Appliances

A cabinet that is smaller than your appliances is a costly mistake to fix. An oversized one, too, is a waste of valuable space. So, buy your equipment before the contractor fabricates your cabinets.

Alternatively, get the specifications of the equipment you will buy so your contractor can build a cabinet that accommodates your appliances. 

2. Don't Opt for Less Counter Space

Plan your cabinets and appliances in a way that maximizes your counter space. The reason is that you can spread out your work area and have other people help you in the kitchen.

Also, careful placement of your appliances creates a more continuous countertop floor. On the flip side, disorganization gives you a choppy layout and small countertop space.

3. Don't Leave Out Family and Friends in Your Plan

Although the kitchen remodeling should suit your needs, don't overlook other parties, especially if you entertain many people. Consider how your kitchen will operate and feel when more people are around.

For instance, ask whether the remodeled kitchen can accommodate more people during dinners and parties. Then, tailor your outcome to become functional for you and frequent visitors.


Kitchen remodeling is a crucial investment that you want to perform right. Therefore, a key part of a kitchen remodeling plan is to know what to do and avoid by using the above dos and don'ts as a guideline for a better outcome.

Lastly, communicate your needs to your contractor early enough to enhance a hassle-free process.

Contact a kitchen remodeling contractor for more information.