Designing a custom wine cellar for your home with the help of a company that specializes in this type of project can be an exciting process from the time you start until the design is complete. You'll have complete control over how you want the space to look, but you can expect that your design professional will offer some input to help ensure that you're content with the finished product.

One topic that you'll need to consider is whether you want one or more windows in your wine cellar. While windows are useful in many areas of your home, you may wish to omit them from your wine cellar design for these reasons. 

Wall Space

If you expect to have a large collection of wine bottles in your custom wine cellar, you'll want to have as much storage space as possible. Typically, you'll have racks that cover most of the walls in this area. When you have a window, it will cut down on the amount of wall space that you have to store your wine. This means that you'll either have to have a smaller collection of wine bottles in this space or expand the size of the space. The latter scenario may not be possible, depending on the size and layout of your home. By omitting a window from your design, you'll have more storage space.


Generally, you want to keep the interior of your wine cellar cool. While it will make sense to ensure that this space gets cool air from your home's air conditioner, adding a window could be an issue because it will allow sunlight into the room. The more sunlight that enters the wine cellar, the warmer it will be — forcing your air conditioner to work harder to maintain your desired temperature in this space. By avoiding having any windows, you'll help to keep the wine cellar cool.


Omitting windows from your wine cellar design can also be useful for security. If you plan to have a large wine collection, it might easily be worth thousands of dollars. With a window, someone who walks up to your home might be able to see through the window and take note of your collection. If this individual is unscrupulous, there's a chance that they might decide to return later and break in to steal your collection. You'll keep your valuable collection out of sight when you don't have any windows.

Reach out to a custom wine cellar contractor to learn more.