Are you renovating a bathroom that's not as large as you'd like it to be? If so, one of your main goals for the remodel is likely to make it look and feel more spacious. Can you do such a thing even if you can't expand the layout? The answer is yes. Here are a few simple ways to achieve this. 

1. Use Wall Niches. Even if you can't expand the walls outward, you may still be able to use their space. Cut niches into the wall for a little extra built-in space. These are small but useful places to put a medicine cabinet, display shelves, toilet paper holders, and shower supplies. 

2. Try Wall Mounting. The more furnishings that take up a large space on the floor, the smaller that floor will seem. You can recapture that space—both physically and visually—by moving the same items off the floor. Look for wall-mounted elements like vanities and sinks, shelving, and storage options. 

3. Lighten It Up. A dark bathroom will nearly always feel smaller than it has to. But a single, glaring overhead light isn't necessarily the best answer. This may result in a bright room, but it will also be a harsh and generic one. Instead, plan a layered lighting strategy that includes main lighting, vanity lighting, mood lighting, and even dimmer switches for ambiance. And if possible, add natural lighting. 

4. Try External Storage. Storage is one of the biggest concerns for many bathrooms. Bathrooms—especially family bathrooms—need plenty of storage. But you may have no space to add it in a small room. Rather than fill the space with needed storage, look for ways to add it in places adjacent to the bathroom. For instance, consider built-in storage in the hallway outside a family bathroom. This keeps things neat and handy while minimizing clutter.

5. Use Vertical Space. Don't forget to look up when redesigning a small bathroom. In addition to floating shelves, look for ways to hang some items on walls rather than put them in storage. Build that storage vertically to get it off the floor. And focus on crafting a luxurious overhead shower system instead of trying to make a larger overall shower. 

Where to Start

Want more tips for making your bathroom more functional and more attractive no matter how small it is? Start by meeting with a bathroom remodeling service in your area today.