When you're finally ready to do that home renovation project, you'll have to decide on the right material for your countertops. Two popular materials you can use are granite and quartz. Both materials are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to maintain.

If you need help choosing between granite and quartz countertops, you should go with the latter. Check out these four reasons for choosing quartz over granite for your countertops. 

Quartz Is More Environmentally Friendly

Granite is a natural stone mined from the ground. If the mining is happening from a far distance, the granite has to be transported over long distances, causing damage to the environment. 

Quartz is engineered stone, meaning it can be manufactured from your local area by local fabricators. This helps to avoid the pollution that would occur from transporting the material over long distances. Also, modern quartz manufacturers are increasing their use of natural and less synthetic resins to avoid harming the environment.

Quartz Is Easier to Maintain

Granite countertops need to be cleaned daily using clean water, soap, or a mild cleanser to avoid staining. They also need to be resealed at least once a year to enhance their longevity. With kitchen quartz countertops, the surface also requires cleaning with water, soap, or a cleanser. However, that's the only maintenance you'll have to do. The solid surface of quartz can last for years without any resealing. 

Quartz Is More Durable

Both quartz and granite are incredibly durable. However, if you compare the two, quartz has a slight edge over granite in terms of durability. For starters, granite is porous, meaning bacteria can accumulate on the surface to cause damage. The surface can also get damaged if exposed to a high-impact force.

Quartz is harder and stronger than granite, which makes it almost indestructible. Also, it's non-porous, so you never have to worry about spills and bacteria accumulating on its surface. You can relax knowing your quartz countertops will serve you for an extended period without constant repair needs. 

Quartz Is More Versatile in Form

Granite slabs usually possess natural distinctive colors and veins. This is actually one of the reasons many people love granite countertops. However, thanks to modern technology, quartz can now be fabricated to match any color scheme you want. You can have a quartz countertop that resembles granite or any other natural stone.

But even if you're looking for a uniform appearance, quartz still has you covered. You can have your quartz countertop in one color or pattern, which may not be possible with a granite countertop. Overall, if you're looking for a material that offers multiple design options and versatility, you cannot go wrong with quartz.  

For more information, contact a local company that sells quartz countertops