A bathroom is an essential part of every home because it gives you a place to use the toilet, take a shower, brush your teeth, wash your hands, and more. So, even though you may not love your bathroom, you may find yourself using it multiple times throughout the day.

When you want to improve your home, you can analyze your bathroom to determine its strengths and weaknesses. During this process, you may find that the room lacks lighting. An easy solution is to get bathroom remodeling services to make several lighting improvements.


Working on a bathroom along the outer edge of your home is advantageous because it allows you to use windows for lighting. A smart option is to either replace an existing window with a larger one or add new windows for a major boost in lighting. You must analyze the window size and placement for optimal results because some areas may not get much natural lighting.

A south-facing window will often do a great job of providing sunlight throughout the day. In contrast, a west-facing window gets the most sunlight in the afternoon. Working on a corner bathroom gives you the most varied lighting because you can add windows along both walls.

Another possibility is to install skylights while living in a one-story home. Getting natural overhead light is advantageous because it solves the problem of minimal light around noon. You want to place the skylight so that buildings and trees do not cast much or any shade.


While windows can make a huge difference with lighting, you will still need artificial lights on many occasions. Recessed lighting is an excellent addition to most bathrooms because you will get even lighting throughout the entire room. This will positively impact a walk-in shower without dedicated lighting because it may often feel underlit while showering.

Although recessed lighting can give you enough light to maneuver around comfortably, you will likely want more light at the vanity. Installing light fixtures on both sides of the mirror is smart because it can provide bright task lighting to help with various hygiene-related tasks.

Ideally, you want enough lighting around the vanity that any family member can do their makeup or inspect their face and notice any imperfections. Since you may not need this much brightness all the time, you can prioritize dimmable lights for maximum lighting flexibility.

Using these tips while hiring remodelers will help you improve your bathroom's lighting greatly.