Did you know that using MDF wood mouldings can significantly lower the costs of your trim and finish projects? MDF (or medium-density fiberboard) is a material that has been well established in the construction industry. It is made from small strands of wood chips that have been compressed to create different types of moldings and trim of any length. Here are some facts that you want to know about using MDF mouldings for your next project:

What is MDF?

MDF is short for medium-density fiberboard, sometimes also called high-density fiberboard. It is made by mixing wood fibers and resins in a large vat. The fibers used in MDF are similar to those used in plywood and particleboard but are typically finer. These fine fibers allow more resin to be used without making the MDF boards too brittle. In fact, the resin content of MDF can vary depending on its application.

MDF has several advantages over solid wood for building trim: It can be milled with most dimensioned lumber tools (table saws, jointer/planers, thickness planer), it can be glued using standard woodworking glues, and it can be stained using standard stains on both sides.

The one disadvantage with MDF is that it tends to have a slightly textured surface, unlike its solid lumber counterpart. 

Advantages of Using MDF Materials for Mouldings

When it comes to affordability, MDF can't be beaten. Many different types of wood veneers are available, so you can get the look and appearance without the price tag of wood. Trying to decide whether to invest in solid wood or MDF? There are a number of factors that go into making such a choice:

  • Durability—Solid wood is more durable than MDF and is able to hold up better over time, although it's not impervious to damage. MDF mouldings are ideal for interior woodworking projects that will be out of the elements
  • Appearance— Because MDF accepts paint and other coatings well, it tends to have a more consistent look than solid wood. Solid wood tends to have more color variation.
  • Availability—Although there are many types of solid wood available, some areas may have difficulty finding specific types of wood. MDF is easier to obtain in all areas.
  • Budget— The cost of solid wood often makes it unaffordable for many homeowners. MDF is much more affordable for most people.
  • Environmental friendliness—Many people prefer the green nature of MDF because it's made from recycled paper products. If you're working on an eco-friendly project, this may be an important factor for you.

MDF mouldings are a great solution for your interior woodworking projects to give your home a brand new look.

There are many cost-effective uses for MDF. When it comes to getting the right materials for your next project, contact an MDF moulding supplier like Saguaro Moulding Inc. to get the materials you need to get the job done.