Open-concept kitchens create the illusion of extra space in your home, and they can make it easier for the entire family to gather together at the end of the day. However, some open-concept design elements can begin to feel old or dated after a while. If you want to give your kitchen a beautiful remodel, here are some options you can use to update your space. 

Ditch The Breakfast Bar

Older kitchens may have a breakfast bar that is simply a stretch of counter with space for a few stools, and some may have a row of cabinets above them to create a more closed-off look. While these designs were used to define the space of the kitchen in an open-concept floor plan, they can make the space look small and cramped. Ditch the traditional breakfast bar in exchange for a large built-in island. This island can incorporate storage on one side with cabinets, leaving ample seating on the opposite side for your family to share meals. If space allows, consider moving your sink or stovetop to the island to maximize room and provide a larger food prep area. 

Choose Bright White Cabinetry

Bright white cabinetry creates a more spacious look in the room, opening up the space and eliminating dark corners. This finish option also creates a more updated look for a range of decor themes, whether your design aesthetic is more rustic country charm or ultra-modern. Pair the white cabinets with light gray marble or granite counters and matching backsplashes to add the perfect finishing touch to your custom kitchen remodel. 

Hang Pendant Kitchen Lights

Pendant kitchen lights draw the eye upward, again creating the illusion of extra space in the room. They create stunning focal points above your island, and they also illuminate the space where your family will be sharing meals. You can find pendant lights in a range of design, including slim teardrop models or rustic chandelier styles. If you do decide to go with an all-white kitchen remodel, use the lights to add a pop of color to the room. Bold red, cobalt blue, and even copper can add extra pizazz to your remodeling project. 

Opt For Built-In Appliances

Your open-concept kitchen should smoothly transition into the rest of the home, creating a seamless look. Freestanding fridges and slide-in stoves can disrupt the clean lines of your space, so consider switching to build-in appliances instead. Wall ovens and separate built-in stovetops create a gourmet appearance for your kitchen while keeping with your design aesthetic. A refrigerator with custom cabinet panels over the doors offers an unassuming look. Work with your kitchen remodeling service to best determine how to upgrade your appliances without detracting from the flow of your open-concept home.