When you plan a serious remodel of an important room like a bathroom, you need to make the most of the space and your budget. So it's vital that you avoid common mistakes that could threaten the success of the final product. Some of these bathroom renovation mistakes involve avoiding too much of some things and too little of others. Here are a few to keep an eye out for. 

1. Too Little Budgeting

Remodel projects call for careful budgeting throughout the process. Some homeowners assume a bathroom can be redone cheaply, but they fail to account for surprises or end up with low-grade fixtures as a result. Even if you have a healthy budget, make sure you spend it wisely in different categories. If you blow the entire budget on a luxurious shower system, you may not have money to fix bad plumbing when it's discovered. 

2. Too Much Stuff

Many bathrooms have limited floor space while others are tucked into unusual places in the home's architecture. Whatever the constraints, avoid the tendency to try to cram too much stuff into it. This is hard but if you try to do too much with a small room, you'll end up unsatisfied. Consider options like leaving out some fixtures (like a full bathtub), opting for slimline or corner units, and designing alternate storage choices. 

3. Too Little Lighting

The bathroom must serve a practical purpose, so it needs good lighting. If there is an outside wall, a window is a great way to add natural lighting that makes everything look nicer. But you should also have multiple layers, such as overhead lighting, task lighting, and decorative or accent lighting. 

4. Too Much Lighting

In your goal to light up the bathroom for practicality, don't overdo the lighting either. Garish lighting in a bathroom will make it less comfortable and could result in making the room and its users look worse. Overzealous lighting also prevents the room from being relaxing and refreshing. Make a strategic plan to offer lighting choices like targeted task lights and dimmer switches. 

5. Too Little Storage

All bathrooms need some type of storage. Of course, how much storage you can include depends on the individual size and shape of the bathroom. Include at least a little storage for essentials. Failure to do so will make the room less functional, will frustrate you and other users, and could wind up causing open clutter in the room. 

To learn more about bathroom remodeling, reach out to a contractor near you.