Do you want to add functionality and space to your kitchen? Then pull-outs could be the answer you're looking for. Pull-outs are cabinet features that pull and slide out for convenience and are one of the best modern cabinetry trends for homeowners of all sorts. Here are five types of pull-outs to consider.

1. Pull-Out Base Shelves

Base cabinets are one of the best places to install the most basic of pull-out options: the pull-out shelf. This simple customization is just a shelf sitting on rollers that allow you to easily pull it all the way out. This allows you to store goods on the entire shelf without losing track of anything. You get the maximum storage capacity.

2. Pull-Out Trash Station

One pull-out system that boosts your storage capacity and keeps the kitchen neater is the pull-out trash and recycling station. Custom-designed shelves with built-in holders and organizers hold a garbage can and one or more recycling containers. The size and types of recycling are tailored to your needs. You'll keep the mess out of sight and make cleanup easier than under-the-sink storage. 

3. Pull-Out Slim Shelves

Do you have any unused spaces between appliances, fixtures, or cabinets? If so, recoup that space with the use of slim cabinets as narrow as just a few inches. These pull out using the handle and reveal sideways storage on one or both sides. They're often used for things like spice rack storage, hanging utensils, or baking sheet and cutting board storage. 

4. Pull-Out Lifts

A lift is a more complex type of pull-out, but it works well for the chef or baker who likes to use small appliances often. The lift stores the appliances on a shelf within a lower cabinet — usually hanging above the items stored in the cabinet — and then lifts out and upward for use. You can use a lift to conveniently store a large mixer, coffee maker, or even a microwave or toaster oven. 

5. Pull-Outs With Tiers

Multi-tiered pull-outs offer storage for items that are connected to one another, such as pots and pans with their lids. You can install several different racks that pull out together or separately. This keeps all your utensils organized together and maximizes the space inside large cabinets. 

Want more ideas for using pull-outs in your kitchen remodeling plans? Learn more by meeting with a kitchen remodeling contractor in your area today.