There are many reasons that people choose to add half walls to their homes, but a big benefit of this addition is that doing so will break up one space into two smaller spaces. When it comes to adding a half wall, you want to get help from a remodeling professional who has experience with this type of work. Together, you can look at an area that you believe a half wall would help, and then discuss how you want the wall to look. There are several places in your home that can benefit from the addition of a half wall, including the following.

Front Entry

Depending on the layout of this part of your home, adding a half wall near the front entry of your home can be beneficial. This addition can help to make the area just inside of the front door feel cozy; without the half wall, you may currently feel that the front entry feels too spacious. Functionally, a half wall can work well in this location in several ways. You could have shelving on one side of the wall to help keep footwear and outdoor accessories organized, while you can also place items on the top of the half wall that you want to remember to take when you leave your home.


In many homes, the basement will often have one large room. It's common to use this room for different purposes. For example, while your children might use this space as a play area, you might also want a home office in one corner. It can be a good idea to put at least one half wall near the home office space. A half wall not only makes your home office feel cozy, but it can also protect your computer and other gear from damage if your kids play sports in the basement. Using a half wall is better than enclosing this area with full walls, as this would make the space feel cramped.

Kitchen/Dining Room

While some homes have separate kitchens and dining rooms, others have these two areas adjacent to one another with no wall in between. If you have enough space, you may feel that adding a half wall works well between the kitchen and the dining room. This wall can make each space feel cozier instead of so vast, but without the cramped feeling that might occur if you were to install a floor-to-ceiling wall. Learn more about half walls by talking to a local home remodeling contractor.

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