In the last few years, shower doors have become a popular addition to many homes. They provide a way to make people feel more at home while scrubbing away their stresses and worries from their daily lives. You can install a shower door in bathrooms that don't already have one or replace an old glass sliding shower door that is no longer functional. However, it would help if you took special precautions to prevent glass explosions.

Why Shower Glass Doors Explode

Shower door glass explodes for various reasons, including having too thin glass that doesn't have a good protective coating on it. Other factors include:

Varying Temperatures on the Glass

Glass shower doors are made of glass, and like any other type of glass in your home, if it gets too hot for an extended period, then the temperature will cause bending inside the door, leading to cracks or even a full-glass implosion.

This happens when you use your glass shower door too often without allowing it to cool down between each use.

Poor Installation

A poorly installed glass might have a nicked edge on the glass door, making the glass vulnerable to any hardware or other object that might touch it. Also, if the bumpers, frames, and rubber stoppers wear out, the glass will be loose in its place and can fall out and shatter.

Mistakes During the Manufacturing of the Glass

During manufacturing, mistakes happen. A little nickel sulfide can cause stress on the glass, which can cause breaks. Another factor that causes a shower door to explode is the use of different glass types for each panel instead of one piece. This will make the seal weaker and more likely to break when it gets too hot.

What Are Some Tips to Prevent a Shower Door From Exploding?

When your shower door breaks and you can get it replaced, make sure your contractor installs it correctly to avoid future explosions. Regular inspection by a professional glass door contractor is vital.

Here are some more tips to prevent your shower door from exploding:

  • Raise your shower door and lower the room temperature relative to outside temp just in case.
  • Ensure there is no steam in the bathroom before taking a bath or shower, and if there is steam, open the window and let it escape.
  • Clean glass shower doors with a vinegar and baking soda solution.
  • Use silicone sealant to create an airtight connection between your door's frame.

Prevention is the best cure, so take these easy steps to keep your shower glass door secure. For further advice, contact a professional shower remodeling contractor for more information.