When your home needs a new roof, it can be costly to replace the old materials. Therefore, you may be considering a roof over and leaving the existing roof in place. This can also be a good time for improvements that make your home more resistant to damage caused by severe weather. The following guide will walk you through the options to install a new roof over existing materials:

Structural Changes

The structural changes are the first improvements to plan for your roof-over project. There are different options for the structural changes depending on the type of roof-over you are planning, including:

  • Slats over an existing shingle roof
  • Roof structure construction over an existing roof
  • New framing at load-bearing points (secured to a foundation or concrete footings)

Structural changes are important to ensure your roof is more resistant to damage and it does its job to protect your home.

Roof-Over Materials

The materials that you use for a roof-over project are also important. Since asphalt shingles are often heavy and vulnerable to wind damage, they are used less frequently for these roofing projects. Some of the alternatives to consider for your roof-over project include:

  • Metal roofing systems
  • PVC or composite panels (similar to metal)
  • Composite tile materials

Using more durable metal materials and other alternatives will make your home more resistant to damage during severe weather.

Roof Installation

The roof installation will be done in phases for a roof-over project. The installation will begin with preparing the structure. Phases of the installation for your home will include:

  • Preparation of the structure
  • Installation of moisture barrier
  • Installation of roofing materials

The roof-over can still use conventional asphalt shingles if you want to use them. If you use shingles, the structural preparations will also need to include the installation of new decking. You can also use foil-back decking materials to improve the efficiency of your roof.

Additional Improvements

There are also additional improvements that can be done when doing a roof-over for your home. One of the common improvements that homeowners do is adding covered porch areas, which can add valuable outdoor space. You may also want to do things like add insulation to the existing roof area. The insulation and roof-over help to improve energy efficiency.

The installation of a new roof over the existing materials can be a good investment if you want a more durable roof. Contact a roof-over service to discuss some of the available options to add a new roof to your home.