While looking at your home's roof, you may find that it appears to be in pretty decent shape overall. However, a few areas may not look quite right, leaving you to wonder whether they are still in good condition.

Although the majority of the roof is sound, if you have areas of shingles that need to be fixed, the entire roof may eventually need to be replaced because of water leakage underneath the affected areas. Before this is allowed to happen, look for a couple of visual characteristics of the shingles that indicate whether certain areas need to be patched by a professional.

1.  Surfaces of the Shingles Appear Bald and Shiny

One sign that you have shingles that need replacing is when their surfaces start to take on a bald, shiny appearance. Normally, the shingles have a rough, dull surface due to the granules and finish.

However, if these granules start to fall off and the top membranes of the shingles start to wear down, the surface will start to gloss. Both of these issues mean that the shingles are no longer fully protected against moisture and may start to wear down faster than those surrounding them. At this point, these spots need to be repaired. 

2.  Shingles Have Started to Curl up Around the Edges

Another visual characteristic that indicates if patches of your roof's shingles need replacing is curled-up edges. To fully protect your home against water, the edges of the shingles should lay flat and flush against the adjacent shingles. However, as the shingles are exposed to temperature changes and sunlight, they can start to dry out and become brittle. As they dry out, the edges will start to curl upward, which leaves small gaps around them.

Because they are so dry and brittle, they can easily start cracking and breaking off. This would then leave a direct path for the water to infiltrate the underlayment, and eventually, your home. If your shingles look like this, they need to be repaired.

If shingles on your home's roof have started to curl up and/or have taken on a shiny appearance, those particular shingles need to be replaced before they start allowing water to leak into your home. However, you should not undertake the repair job yourself, as doing so increases your risk of injury and causing more damage to the roof. Instead, contact a roofing contractor who offers repair services to have them examine the affected shingles and determine what needs to be done to fix them. for more information, contact a company like MDD Exteriors.