If you open the windows and turn on all the lights in your kitchen, you may get enough lighting to handle food preparation and cooking comfortably. However, since you need to use every light source, you may struggle to find a balance of light depending on the time of day and task at hand.

To improve your kitchen experience, you should invest in remodeling work to get more lighting in various ways.

Ceiling Lights

A reliable option to solve your lighting problem is to bring in overhead lighting that provides general coverage in the room through ceiling lights. For instance, you can add recessed light cans that are evenly spaced around the kitchen to guarantee even lighting. The ceiling is also the perfect place to install more task-based lighting such as track lights and pendant lamps.

Adding a ceiling fan to the kitchen is another viable option if you decide that you want to increase airflow without having to open the windows. All you need to do is pick out a ceiling fan model that comes with anywhere from one to several light sockets that you can put light bulbs inside.


Most windows in your home will provide at least some natural lighting. If your kitchen windows are blocked by neighboring homes, fencing, and trees, you may not get much or any direct sunlight coming into the kitchen. This is a problem that you can solve reliably by installing windows where there are no obstacles outside that can block the natural light coming inside.


The lighting that you get from around the kitchen will help you see inside your cabinets. But, you should not hesitate to use your cabinets as a light source with in-cabinet lighting installation. A remodeling company can install lights in every cabinet that you want to equip with lighting.

While this addition will help you see inside the cabinets, you can use the cabinets for lighting in another way by installing undercabinet lighting. This will give you great visibility of the countertop and you will appreciate the ability to get this kind of calm lighting for nighttime kitchen visits.

Adding more lights to the kitchen is a goal that you can accomplish through a wide variety of methods. By trying out these options, you can look forward to bringing impactful lighting to your kitchen that will help you enjoy the space throughout the day and night.

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