If you are living in a home that you own and your family has grown to be larger than you expected, you may find yourself feeling quite limited in the kitchen. When moving out is not something that you want to do, you should invest in remodeling to expand your kitchen in several ways.

Kitchen Size

While you could try to make do with the space that you have in your kitchen, you should consider expanding the room by taking a foot or two from neighboring rooms. Reducing the living room's size by a small amount can make a huge difference with expanding your kitchen successfully.

However, just getting more space in the kitchen is only going to do so much to help your large family. You will also need to add new features or expand on existing ones to enjoy success.


While using the appliances in your kitchen, you may find that they are not large enough to accommodate your family's size. If the refrigerator and freezer are constantly full, you should come up with a plan that allows for you to replace them with larger models. This means that you may need to move them to another spot in the kitchen or make room in the surrounding area.

When your oven is not large enough to cook a meal for the whole family, you should make the switch to a wall oven that allows you to get one that is larger than yours. You can even get a double oven if you know that you will enjoy cooking with multiple oven temperatures at once.


If you look inside your kitchen cabinets, you may notice that most or all of them are full. When you already experience kitchenware shortages throughout the day, you may end up storing silverware, plates, bowls, and glasses on the countertop. Investing in more storage is a smart move and one that you can do quite successfully when combined with a kitchen expansion.

Along with using any empty space on the walls to install new cabinetry, you can incorporate a walk-in pantry or new cabinets when putting up walls as part of the expansion process. Even though it may be a bit hard to reach cabinets near the ceiling, you should not hesitate to install new ones there because you can use these cabinets for things that you do not use very often.

Expanding your kitchen to accommodate your large family is something that you can look forward to doing when you hire a kitchen remodeling company to help with everything.

For more tips and ideas, reach out to a kitchen remodeling contractor in your area.