Modern kitchens are all the rage these days. If you love the look and have decided to remodel your own kitchen to give it a more modern style, then you are likely wondering how to properly accessorize the space. After all, once the stainless steel appliances, white cabinets, and sleek countertops have been installed, then the way you accessorize the kitchen will really be the difference between a beautiful space and one that looks more like a weekend DIY project.

To accessorize your newly remodeled modern kitchen like a professional, follow these interior design tips:

Interior Design Tip: Visit a Local Modern Kitchen Showroom

If you live in an area with a modern kitchen showroom, then this is one of the absolute best places you can get accessorizing ideas for your kitchen. Since the showroom is trying to show buyers how wonderful their new modern kitchens will look once all of the items purchased from them have been installed, they spend a lot of time professionally staging each vignette with accessories.

Walk around the showroom and make note of how they accessorize each of the vignettes, and write down the ideas you like and think will work in your own kitchen.

Interior Design Tip: Add a Modern Overhead Light Fixture

When remodeling your kitchen, make sure you don't forget to upgrade the overhead light. Nothing looks stranger than a new modern space with an old-style fluorescent light fixture! 

When choosing a new light fixture, opt for one that is made of metal and uses some of the neat new lightbulbs on the market. 

Interior Design Tip: Place a Bowl Full of Citrus Fruits on the Counter

In the Asian feng shui tradition, kitchens always have a bowl of citrus fruits on the counter. The citrus fruits symbolize prosperity and good fortune. In addition to fitting in with this ancient tradition, citrus fruits also make a kitchen look good and smell fresh. For the most appropriate look in a modern kitchen, use either oranges or lemons and avoid mixing them together.

Interior Design Tip: Use Small Appliances to Add a Pop of Color

Finally, one neat way you can introduce a pop or two of color into your new modern kitchen is by placing colorful small appliances on the countertop. While you don't want to clutter up the space with an entire row of small appliances, a bright red or blue toaster and stand mixer will add some nice visual interest in the kitchen.