One room in your home that should meet your needs is your kitchen. This is a space that is used by the entire family so functionality is key. This is also a room that should look great because it is an area that guests enter a lot of the time when they come into your home. One common issue that people have with their kitchen is size. Here are three ways to remodel your kitchen to make it look larger. 

Paint Your Cabinets White

A very simple and affordable way to make your kitchen look larger while you are remodeling it is to have your cabinets painted white. White is a great color when it comes to opening up spaces and making them look larger because it reflects light. The light then opens up the room and really enhances the space. Dark cabinets on the other hand can make the space look much smaller and closed off, which is the exact opposite of what you want. 

Create An Open Floor Plan 

If your kitchen is closed off at all, it is important that you open it up during the remodeling process. This can go a long way in not only making your kitchen look much larger, but also making it much more functional for you. To do this, you may need to have your remodeling contractor remove one or more walls in your kitchen and then move any cabinets and cupboards that were located along these walls. By opening up your kitchen, you may also be able to extend it out further in one or more directions. This is important if you need a larger kitchen, but can't actually add on to your home. This can also make your home more fluid and open, which is something that many people want. 

Raise The Ceiling

One great way to make your kitchen look larger during the remodeling process is to vault the ceilings in your kitchen area, or at least raise them up a couple feet. A higher ceiling makes any room look larger without having to increase the actual square footage. Making sure the walls and the ceiling stay white also help to fill the room with light, which also creates the appearance of a larger space. 

Making your kitchen look bigger during the remodeling process can be done by painting your cabinets white, opening up the floor plan by knocking out one or more walls, and raising the ceiling so that the room appears larger. 

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