Having custom cabinets built for your kitchen offers the perfect opportunity to incorporate features that will make life a little more convenient when it comes to cooking, cleaning, and keeping things organized. Here are four features to consider having a cabinet construction service, such as DL Cabinetry - Orlando, incorporate into your new cabinets:

Pull-Out Shelves

Make it easy to reach your favorite dishes, condiments, and packaged food by having pull-out shelves designed for your new custom cabinets. You'll be able to pull more than one shelf out at a time to make baking convenient, and you should find that cleaning each shelf is quick and easy.

Because you can access all the nooks and crannies, you can get every last crumb when you wipe them down. Create a modern look with shelves that match the material, color, and design of your cabinets. For a more upbeat and eclectic look, have the shelves painted a bright color that contrasts the cabinets.

Vertical Dish Dividers

For those large dishes that don't fit well when laid flat on a shelf, you can have dividers installed that allow you to store the awkward dishes sideways. You should be able to fit more dishes on your shelves, and you will be able to keep them better organized as they won't have to be stacked on top of one another. Choose from wooden, glass, or even stainless steel dish dividers depending on the specific look and feel you're going for – your contractor can make suggestions based on your vision and preferences.

Tinted Glass Doors

Quickly and efficiently see what's inside your cupboards by having tinted glass doors installed on your cabinets. The tint will keep the doors from being completely see-through, so you don't have to worry about making sure everything looks organized on the shelves. But you'll have a clear enough view to recognize what each shelf is holding.

You can have the glass doors tinted in a variety of different colors, so be creative and let your personality shine through. Choose a yellow or green tint to brighten things up a little, or incorporate shades of purple or blue for a sophisticated look.

An Appliance Garage

Keep your kitchen counters from looking cluttered by having an appliance garage built into your new custom cabinets. Appliances garages typically stand underneath the cabinets and feature a door that opens and closes like a vehicle garage does.

Blenders, food processors, bread makers, and crock pots can be stored inside so they are easily accessible but don't take up too much space on the counters. Your contractor should be able to design your new appliance garage so it looks like an extension of the cabinets themselves.