When you are redoing your kitchen the cost can very quickly creep up to a lot more than you had imagined. This is why you want to do your part to cut back on any possible expenses. Here are some tips for cutting costs during your kitchen remodel:

Reuse whatever you can

The first tip for saving money on your kitchen remodel is to reuse any of the things in your kitchen that you possibly can. Depending on whether or not you are going to be keeping some of the same colors, you may actually be able to reuse quite a bit of things from your current kitchen as long as they are in good shape and can easily be incorporated into the new style.

Reusing the current flooring

You may be able to reuse the current flooring, or at least a god portion of it. For example, if you are going to be redoing your kitchen to be red, white, and black and your current tile is white, you may be able to reuse a good amount of it to save money. You can strategically remove certain tiles and put in new red and black ones here and there to get the color scheme you want for less.

Reusing some of your appliances

You want to reuse any of your appliances that are going to go with your new color scheme and that look like they are still in great condition. Even if there are some mechanical problems with the appliance, you can have it repaired so it works as good as new.

You can purchase new appliances for any of the other ones that aren't going to work with the look you are planning on going with. If you are going to be purchasing several appliances from the same dealer, you may be able to get a better price on them.

Consider painting your cabinets instead of putting in brand new ones

If the current cabinets are still in good shape then you may want to go ahead and stain them or even paint them instead of removing them and putting up brand new ones. You may be able to save on paint if you can find an "oops" paint for sale at the hardware store that happens to match your color scheme. Otherwise, you can look for paint that is going to be discontinued and also get it for a great price under this situation as well. If you aren't up for doing the job yourself, it is worth having someone else refurbish your cabinets since they are such an important part of the kitchen.

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