Remodeling your kitchen provides a great opportunity to select a decorating theme for your space. If you love the idea of having a rustic country kitchen, consider these ideas as you plan out your remodeling project to create the look you want.

Brick Backsplash

You can create a warm and cozy look by replacing your existing tile backsplash with a brick one. Use this idea behind your stove for a hint of brick, or use the brick design along the entire length of your counter for a cohesive look. If you have an empty wall in your kitchen, consider using the exposed brick look to create a focal wall in the room. You can find tiles at your local home improvement store that create the look of brick for a quick, easy way to give your space a new look.

Farmhouse Table

Instead of adding an island to your kitchen, consider adding a farmhouse table to the center of the room instead. Your contractor can anchor the table to your floor to keep it permanently positioned in the kitchen. Look for a pub-height table so you can use the space for food prep, and add rustic country bar stools so you can use the table for casual family meals.

Wood-Finish Counters

Wood lends itself to country decor themes, and adding wood counters can add a surprisingly beautiful look to your kitchen. You can have your contractor build a custom counter out of reclaimed barn wood for a distressed look, or you can purchase wood counters from a local supplier. If you will also have a wood finish on your kitchen cabinets, choose wood counters in a different shade to create a stunning color contrast.

Whitewashed Kitchen Cabinets

Go for a vintage, distressed look by having your contractor whitewash your existing kitchen cabinets and doors. This can help you to save on the cost of replacing your existing kitchen cabinets while creating a new look for your kitchen. You can also have your contractor refinish a pair of cabinets by replacing the existing panels with glass, so you can show off your favorite crock or pottery ware for a decorative finishing touch.

Work with your contractor to find the right touches to make your rustic country kitchen perfect, and take some time to shop at your local craft store to find inspiration and a few DIY projects to decorate your new space. For more information, contact a business such as Simply Kitchens and Remodel