New windows are a great upgrade for a home, since they provide an improved look as well as energy efficiency. The majority of the work is done by a window contractor, but you should still do some things before they arrive to help the installation go smoothly. Follow these tips to prepare your home prior to the installation date.

Remove All Window Treatments

If you have curtains or blinds, they'll be a hassle for a window contractor to work around while doing the installation. They also could become damaged during the installation. It is best to remove all window treatments that you have in the home. You can leave the hardware on the walls, since that shouldn't be in the way.

Do the same outside your home as well, which includes removing awnings, window boxes, or exterior shades.

Create A Path

Your window contractors need easy access to your windows outside and inside your home. You should clear a path for them, getting rid of any rugs, décor, or furniture that is blocking the area. Do the same thing outside, moving lawn furniture, gardening tools, lawn ornaments, or anything else that can easily be moved.

Doing this makes it easier on the installer, and also ensures that those things won't be accidentally broken.

Remove Objects That Can Fall

Installing a window will require quite a bit of banging to get the old one out and the new one in. There may be objects in your home that can fall because of this, even though they are not near the window that is being installed. This includes pictures and mirrors hung on the wall, or items in a china cabinet that can fall over and break. You'll want to remove these things prior to the installation to ensure that they are safe.

Add Additional Protection

The majority of a window installation can be done from the outside, and contractors often tape off the inside of the window with plastic so that no dirt or debris gets in. That said, you should still cover the furniture in your home so that it doesn't get dirty. You can use an old bed sheet that you can easily throw in the washing machine when the installation is done. For the outside of your home, cover plants that you want to protect

For more tips on what you do prior to the installation, speak with a window contractor at a company like Clayton Floors & More