When you're about to put your home on the market, it's important to consider the bathroom. This is one of the first rooms that buyers look at closely when house hunting. If your bathroom is a wreck, buyers may walk away -- but if you can incorporate one of these bathroom trends, they're more likely to make an offer!

A Rustic Look

Rustic, outdoorsy bathrooms are all the rage right now. If you have the budget to completely remodel your bathroom, consider doing so with a rustic appeal. Opt for hardwood floors, a wooden shower enclosure, and a natural stone sink. Color schemes like brown and pale green complement the natural look well.

If you can't afford to remodel completely, consider giving your bathroom a more rustic vibe with some natural wood shelves. You could also hang a wood-framed mirror on the wall or just set some woven, brown baskets around.

Bold Patterns

The artistic, creative look is also popular. When remodeling, consider choosing tile with a unique, swirly pattern or even with a geometric design. You can even use one pattern on the floor and a similar, yet slightly different pattern in the shower enclosure. Choose bright, inviting colors like red or cerulean. 

If you're on a tight budget, you can add bold patterns to your bathroom by choosing a new shower curtain and patterned towels. Make sure they're folded and hung neatly when home buyers visit. You could also replace just the tile in the shower or just the tile on the floor if the rest of your bathroom is in decent shape.

The Monochromatic Look

Another modern way to design your bathroom is with everything in shades of a single color. Usually, this is done with shades of gray, white, and black. For instance, you could have a black tile floor, white tile shower, and gray fixtures and shelves. Of course, you could choose a brighter color for a more artistic look that's also trendy. Light blue tile, a dark blue shower curtain, and very pale blue walls and ceiling would look stunning.

It's hard to achieve the monochromatic look without an extensive remodel, but if your bathroom already has only a few colors, you can try. Paint over the walls in the same color as your tile or floor, or purchase new towels and a new curtain to match the color of the room. An interior designer may be able to help! For assistance with a bathroom remodeling project, contact a company like Interior Expressions.